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The TAG founders, Michael Gelfond Vladimir Lifschitz, wrote a brief history of TAG (part I, part II), for the ALP Newsletter.

TAG chapters:


DLP*: a new step for Disjunctive Logic Programming

You can find here the site of our part of the project

JASPWrapper: a Java wrapper for Logic Programming solvers

You can find here paper, infos, sources about JASPWrapper

Dynamo: wrap the dust

You can find here paper, infos, sources about Dynamo

Answer Set Programming literature alert

This service, which is built using the LiXto suite, keeps ASP researchers up to date by consulting Web sites for them.

Qsmodels: Answer Set Programming in Interactive Gaming Environment (2004)

Qsmodels is a Quake 3 Arena (Q3A) agent (BOT) developed using the inferential engine smodels.


Show One Atom Per Line Exactly: a postprocessor you can use to format Smodels, DLV or Cmodels output so that each atom is printed on a separate line.
To download click here

A new benchmark suite for ASP solvers (2004)

This benchmark suite includes 5 new problem for ASP solvers' testing.

Download here the benchmark suite (.tgz)
Download here time results (.pdf)

Answer set Programming for the Semantic Web (2002)

We are starting work on DAML+OIL ontologies, trying to add logical inference to enable automated reasoning about concepts found on the semantic web.

Ksmodels: smodels for kernel logic programs (2002)

Download here the Gamma version

You can also read some instructions here: Documentation

Basp: suite benchmark for ASP implementation (2002)

With Basp you can test some ASP implementation like Smodels, DLV and others. Logic programs generate with BASB are graph-oriented.

Download here Basp Beta version (zip)

Experiments in cognitive robotics

The final for the AI class in Milan, taught by Prof. Mario Ornaghi consisted of a project on Legolog , developed at Toronto University for the study of autonomy robotics with Lego® Mindstorms hardware controlled by high level logic.

The application of logic programming to autonomous robots has been pionereed, within TAG, by Chitta Baral and Son Tran Cao, with their UTEP Diablo robot.

The AI class project started from Hector Levesque and Maurice Pagnucco's work at Toronto University. They realized the basic software, the framework and the comunication protocol. The main problem they had to face was the syncronization and merging of two different fields: NQC programming and logic programming which usually are hard to implement on physical devices. The first results are good enough to encourage future improvement.

AI Class final projects gallery (Year 2004)

Project PlanXaibo in Messina developed an ASP planner ready to take control of an AIBO robot.
Sensing and execution need to be implemented through invocation of high-level C++ functions from the Tekkotsu library.

AI Class final projects gallery (Year 2003)

BALROG B.A.L.R.O.G. project

AI Class final projects gallery (Year 2002)

Here the photo gallery of this year.

Scorpion Burritos's scorpion Image not available Robybot

AI Class final projects gallery (Year 2001)

The following pages are in Italian, sorry :). You may want to look at the photo gallery and get an idea of what these little things can do.

Braccobaldo Braccobaldo Cardillone Cardillone
Eagle Eagle Tagliola Tagliola

Publication gallery



Alessandro Provetti ,
Mario Ornaghi
Giacomo Fiumara
Massimo Marchi
Franco Salvetti
Rosetta Pagano
Maria Amalfi
Giovanni Pirrotta
Members at large:
Stefania Costantini
Maurice Pagnucco
Giovanna Bubbico
Alessandra Mileo
Carlo Bernardoni
Luca Padovani
Isabella Cattinelli
Sergio Bossa
Alan Franzi
Fabrizio Magni 
Linda Pareschi
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